Different modes or lists

Orestes Carracedo 8 years ago updated by Tim 8 years ago 1

This is a somewhat advanced feature that should probably be hidden from the regular users.

I usually switch between "modes" when working. When I'm coding I'm not allowed on Social Media, and when I'm doing Social Media I'm not allowed on other places.

The problem for me is that we have a single blacklist of sites. I'd love to be have to switch lists(modes) between cycles.


Yep, that's definitely in the plan, and I totally agree.

I'm going to close this ticket anyway for now, because there's already another ticket for this: http://buildfocus.userecho.com/topics/11-different-lists-of-distracting-sites/. Feel free to throw upvotes and ideas over there though! I'll stick a couple of notes on my current plans over there too.