Point system to compete with friends or colleagues and setting your personal goals for the focus session.

Michael Armin 8 years ago updated by Victoria Moynes 8 years ago 1

Hi all,

Build focus is great! Gamifying it by building a point system and being able to compete with friends(a little like on duolingo) would make me share it more. I think a community competitiveness aspect could be very effective in making people focus even more.

To make build focus an integrated part of my day it would have to include some form of being able to set a goal or a series of goals for the day, in addition to the timed sessions. Currently build focus makes me avoid distracting sites, but if I could set my own goal (for example: "Finish a report", "write a Medium post" etc.), that I would be rewarded from if I managed to complete them during the day or the session, it would be great. Some day it could even be a one stop shop for planning and implementing personal/professional long term goals, a tool that could help you roadmap your way to finish a project and then help you actually do it. An advanced version of the "don't break the chain" method.

Awesome product and the suggestion is a bit for the future. I'm sure you thought about it already but I want to see it happen!

Best of luck,



I would definitely be keen to if it was possible to inject more specificity and personalisation into the programme.