The notifications don't always come up for me when I have completed a session.

Victoria Moynes 8 years ago updated by Tim 8 years ago 1

I'm not sure if this is because I'm not always on the internet although I always have it open on a tab (sometimes I'll be working on pages or whatever), but the notifications only intermittently come up when I've finished a session.


Hi Victoria,

That definitely shouldn't be happening! I haven't seen this anywhere else, but we certainly need to get this fixed. It'd be really useful for that if you could give me a little more information, so I can dig into this properly now. There's a couple of extra details I need below, if you could take a look and email these to tim@buildfocus.io I'll get right on fixing this :-).

First open up the extension console:

  • Go to chrome://extensions to see the list of your extensions
  • Tick 'Developer Mode' in the top right
  • Click "Inspect views: background page" under Build Focus to open up an inspector window

Then copy out any text that already appears in the 'Console' section at the bottom, and stick it in an email.

On top of that, if possible it'd be helpful if you could copy each of the following into that console, and press enter:

chrome.storage.sync.get("user-id", (id) => console.log(id));

chrome.storage.local.get("machine-id", (id) => console.log(id));

After you copy each one it should give you some extra details (something like "Object { user-id: '12309iqwe-ad9iasd0-123123' }"). If you could email those to me too, that'd be great.

Hope that's ok! Let me know if any of that doesn't make sense. If you could email those two things (the initial text in that console, and then results of running the above two commands) to tim@buildfocus.io, I'll get working on sorting this out for you. Any other ideas for what exactly is different on the times when the notifications don't appear would also be super useful, but don't worry about it too much if nothing else comes to mind.

Thanks for spotting this, and all your other feedback! Super helpful.