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Destruction for glance. Frustrating.

Ahmed Ayyash 8 years ago updated by Tim 8 years ago 1

So I am not sure if this lists under ideas or bugs, so I'm listing it under bugs just because I'm an attention whore.

So I think there should be a threshold for how long the blocked site has been viewed before a house is destroyed.

So here is my case, I like to to put on a youtube playlist of songs when I work, but youtube is a distracting site as well, so I choose "leave" when asked about the tab, but when I tried to move the tab to the beginning so it won't distract me, I had a house destroyed, and another time when I was shifting tabs from the keyboard I passed the youtube one by mistake, and boom, gone.

So I understand and appreciate the shock value of the action, but a slight margin for error should be kept.

Note: I just lost another house when I tried to sign in with facebook just now. FFS. I'm down to nothing now.

Under review

Hmm, interesting, ok.

I definitely don't want to delay the house destroying I'm afraid; I've found that's a distinct problem in other tools like this, where any lag reduces the shock effect, and makes it easy to "just go have a quick glance", which undermines things a little.

I totally get where you're coming from though, and that does sound very frustrating.

Would any of the below help?

  • Being able to block all of youtube, but whitelist specific pages (e.g. the playlist you're listening to). Requires you to always listen to the same playlist though, which I expect isn't ok.
  • Being able to mark one specific distracting site (e.g. youtube) as being unviewable, instead of city-destroying, in your distracting sites list. I'm imagining this would white out the page, so that going to youtube doesn't show anything (although you'll still be able to hear what it's playing), but you don't lose any buildings.
  • Being able to make a specific *tab* unviewable, instead of city-destroying. I'd probably do this with the bad tabs warning that comes up when you start focusing with a distracting tab already open. As well as the close/leave options there, there could be a new 'Make unviewable' option, which blanks the distracting tabs so you can hear them but can't see anything (and lose no buildings) if you open them.

In fact unviewable could just mean that when you look at it, it skips you to the next tab to the right instead, or similar. Something like that.

Any ideas there that would help you, or anything else that springs to mind?

I'm afraid in the meantime your options are a bit limited; I think you have to either unblock youtube entirely, or find a way of working that means you don't open that tab accidentally. Sorry about that!