Pause when no computer interaction (keyboard, mouse)? Checking my mobile!

James 8 years ago updated by Tim 8 years ago 1

Hi - I recently 'cheated' because I was distracted by my phone (received a tweet and read the article it linked on my phone) - all while chrome thought I was still focusing (I didnt have a distraction tab open and the computer was unlocked infront of me). Maybe buildfocus could autopoause (or pop up a warning?) if there has been no interaction with the computer (mouse/scroll or keyboard) within 3 minutes? Thats probably long enough that you would have interacted even if you were just reading. This would stop sneaky mobile distractions!


Indeed it could! Helpfully in fact, it already does. See http://buildfocus.userecho.com/topics/28-autopause-when-youre-away-from-your-desk/ for some of the discussion.

As of yesterday however it's now configurable, and by default pausing happens only when you actually lock your computer, not just when you're idle. If you're using the newest version (0.1.12 - you can check at chrome://extensions) that might be what you're seeing? If you don't have the newest version then it's actually turned on already anyway. The idle timeout is set to 1:30 at the moment.

This is definitely a feature that's still in flux right now though, I'm not sure exactly what's going to work out best for people. If you've got thoughts do throw them on the other thread linked above, I'm very open to tweaking and tuning this to find what works best for people.