Include a "review" note after successful session

KB123 8 years ago updated by Amy “coffeebug” Chan 8 years ago 1
This would let people re-enforce material they covered, or label the individual buildings... not necessarily a huge wall of text, maybe a up to a few sentences though? Might be a source of pride as well to "name" buildings.

I like this - a bit like tomato.es - you enter the name of the project after you complete a pomodoro and it lists the ones you did today. Good if you want to track where your pomodori went for the day rather than just '7 today'.

It can be quite small and unobtrusive, or even just expand out/in when you click on the "Successes // X today" bit.

E.g. this is what it looks like on tomato.es, it only takes up a small part of the screen.