Add a "I failed to focus" button to handle distractions outside of Chrome

Richard Bradley 8 years ago updated by Tim 8 years ago 5

As discussed by email just now, most of my focus-stealing distractions are not actually in Chrome, so I don't currently get punished properly by Build Focus.

A self-flagellation "I failed to focus" button would cater for any out-of-Chrome distractions without needing any extra plugin development for now.

An interesting idea: the "I failed" button could be used to help the app learn better rules for auto-failing. For example, if you click "I failed" after visting a site which is not currently blacklisted, then buildfocus could offer to blacklist it for you. Or later, if you do add currently-focused window support, buildfocus could notice that you clicked "I failed" after switching to Thunderbird and say "do you want me to blacklist Thunderbird while you're trying to focus"?

I suppose I can work-around for now by creating an "I failed" button by bookmarking a blacklisted site :-)


I've heard this from a few places now. It's not quite next on this list yet, but this is definitely going to happen soon.