Different lists of distracting sites

Christine Tan 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 5

I use build focus in two different places. One is for work and one is for drawing. What I consider a 'distraction' might be different for both of these so I'd need 2 different lists or settings that I can switch between easily if that were the case.


+1. Totally would use this.


Definitely planned, and quickly coming up the list. Just to help spark discussion, I do have a mockup of this, taken from the current site:

Does that kind of UI fit what you're looking for?

The settings UI will be a bit more complicated, and as mentioned by Orestes elsewhere I do think this is a reasonably advanced feature, so I'd quite like to come up with a design that hides all this away until you actively go looking for it (maybe just by making the "Add another list" button on the settings page fairly subtle)

I personally like dropdowns (can see all the options) better than carousels (many clicks to find about the options), but I understand that they're more difficult to fit that in the overall look and feel of the app.

As for "hiding" the feature, I think it would confuse the heck out of regular users if not.

maybe the settings could be hidden under one of those tiny "show advanced settings" links!

Personally the carousel would work for me but only because I'd only have a couple of different lists set up and it'd work quite nicely to just switch between the two quite easily. Though I can see it being a pain for someone if they have a few more lists so I'd say if you had to choose one, the dropdown would cater for more people.

Or it could be an option in the advanced settings for carousel/dropdown!