Levelling up?

Christine Tan 8 years ago updated by anonymous 7 years ago 2

Just because everyone loves a good level up.

Building a house increases your xp

Destroying a house loses xp

Maybe xp can only go as far as the bottom of the current level.

Maybe you get different titles at different levels (eg houseowner, mayor, president)


Or something a bit like 'Abel township' in 'Zombies, Run': you get say 10 'materials' for every 25 minutes you focus (bonus for X in a row). Then at the cost of a certain amount of materials you can add buildings to your city and upgrade them. e.g. a house adds 10 population, a school requires 100 population, a level 2 house can add an additional 10 population, etc etc.


I would love that! The only problem is adding too much interaction to the build focus app might cause the build focus app to be a distraction itself!