Improve handling of already open distracting tabs when you start focusing

Tim 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 6

Currently these are ignored, and it's easy to accidentally open one, or even to automatically fail if you go straight to one after starting. This should be improved. Options:

  • Pop-up a simple warning when this happens
  • Pop-up and offer to close distracting tabs
  • Change the favicons of distracting tabs to warn you (potentially in combination with other options)
  • Automatically close all distracting tabs when starting

I prefer the first idea (Pop-up a simple warning when this happens) because I tend to keep distracting tabs permanently pinned but I do accidentally click on them a lot, so much so I had to remove them from the blacklist!

Yeah I had that one too - I was reading bbc news at lunchtime, went off to focus then it automagically went to that tab and immediately destroyed one of my shiny houses. Gutted.

Prefer the warning also

I think option 2 means the user is least likely to be distracted and move straight into focused work, as opposed to potentially delaying the work focus for another few minutes with option 1.

Option 4 would be effective but would be preferable with a warning (essentially option 2).

I don't know how option 3 would work.


Good progress on this! Build Focus will now prompt you if you click the button to start focusing from the main tab while you already have distracting tabs open in the background, like so:

If you click 'Close them' it'll close all distracting tabs and the Build Focus page will disappear. If you click 'leave them' your distracting tabs will be left, and the page won't disappear, so you can't get tragically dropped into a distracting tab that immediately steals one of your houses! Phew.

If you tick the box at the bottom and do set the default behaviour for this, you then can change it later on in your settings:

This is in the newest release I've just put out (0.1.5), which you'll automatically update and pick this up in the next day or so. Let me know how it goes!