Focus while distracting sites are open fails

Artur Gadomski 8 years ago updated by Christine Tan 8 years ago 2

If i have a distracting tab open and I start to focus I will fail focus session. I have tried various settings ant they do not seem to work.

Browser: Chrome

Build Focus version: 0.1.15


I had various tabs open, and it asked me what should be done - when I hit "close" it did, but then immediately failed me as well.

This actually works for me IF I have the distracting tab and Build focus tab in the same chrome window.

If I have the distracting tab in one chrome window AND it's the currently selected tab, then I open Build focus in a different chrome window, when I try to focus, the window asking whether to shut them or not pops up for less than a second than disappears and the distracting tab has changed to a failed build focus session :(