Option to set custom lengths of focus/break time instead of 25/5 mins only.

madi 8 years ago updated by Carmelo Fruciano 7 years ago 4

Was just about to write just this. Would be a pretty great and I imagine simple? feature.

If you could change the length of the break/focus time, what would you change it to?

Would a continuous mode solve your problems? http://buildfocus.userecho.com/topics/22-allow-continuous-building-without-distracting-notifications/ It's not enormously difficult to implement this, but it does add complexity to the design and usage of the app, and doing both of these features does so even more.


I think I would change it to 50 minute increments with 16 min breaks? Not sure the exact numbers, but I read somewhere that those tend to be the most productive sessions. If I may ask, why exactly did devs decide on 25 min increments w 5 min breaks?


I would let the user decide an exact number. One could keep the main page simple and have the 25 minutes as default but changeable under the "Settings" section. This way it would be still a simple interface but still customizable...