A way to stop without building or destroying a house

Christine Tan 8 years ago updated by Caelum Forder 7 years ago 6

If you're mid-focus but then realise you actually need to stop for some reason, eg food's arrived ;) and you want to browse at the same time, it'll immediately destroy a house. Or sometimes, even, I get into the habit of clicking focus and then realising I actually was going to stop for the evening, but there's no way to stop it without destroying a house.


I rather think that's probably a good thing, motivating you to stick to the time you set aside to focus.


I get that but for example if you clicked on by accident, out of habit, which I do a fair bit, then you need some way to cancel it, or some situations you do genuinely need to cancel it and stop working for some reason


I'd definitely appreciate this - if only so that I can cancel a focus period if I accidentally click it (though a GMail style "undo" toast would also do the job).


I would also like to have an opportunity of stopping and restarting the pomodoro! there are a lot of things like urgent calls, real life distractions etc, and even if you are not browsing at this moment, it´s not honest to say that you are concentrated. Maybe voluntary stop shouldn´t destroy the house, but a message like "this precious house could have been built, but will never exist because of your distraction" could appear.

It seems to pause if you lock your computer, which I quite like because it stops me from being able to pause it and browse reddit. Perhaps this functionality should be more obvious though.

"this precious house could have been built"

Haha, I love that!